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Quality, Safety, Sustainability

The principles of quality, safety and sustainability underlie the broader concept of Corporate Social Responsibility.
Today more than ever, it is of primary importance for long term businesses to act responsibly: this means to evaluate in advance the potential impact of every single action on the environment, the local community and on all the people involved with the company business.

In Heroflon, these principles are guaranteed by the Integrated Management System and by the respective international certifications.

Our guidelines for a sustainable growth:

  • Always act in compliance with the law
  • Take care of the company staff ‘s well-being, providing them with all necessary tools to work in total safety
  • Improve all company processes to minimise their impact on the environment
  • Foster stable relations with suppliers, who share the same values
  • Act and communicate transparently

Our certifications:

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   Quality: ISO 9001
   Environment: ISO 14001
   Safety: OHSAS 18001


The management and continuous improvement of production processes

In order to achieve the corporate targets and ensure the continuous improvement of all production processes, Heroflon has developed an industrial plan that cleverly combines the most modern optimisation, analysis and testing procedures.
The management of particular mix of production processes utilizes the most innovative and suitable methodologies and related instruments such as the Principles of Deming, Lean Six Sigma and SPC, the Design of Experiments (DOE).

Corporate Policy

HEROFLON S.p.A.’s activity consists in projecting, producing and commercializing products based on PTFE and other technical fluorinated polymers (PFA, PEEK, PAEK). A substantial part of the production is exported on a worldwide scale.
All the activities of production, administration, stockage and sales take place in Collebeato’s officies (Brescia-Italy).
The technological innovation and careful management of each business function allow HEROFLON S.p.A. to produce high quality products and to offer excellent services, with the prime purpose of satisfying the needs of the Customer/Market in the technical fluornated polymers sector.
In the constant search for efficiency and efficacy, HEROFLON S.p.A. takes special care of all aspects related to employees’ health & safety in the work environment.
HEROFLON’s management is aware of Heroflon’s policy, shares its objectives and works towards meeting them.