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Heromelt FP Peek and Special Products

Heromelt is Heroflon‘s range of high-performing Polyether-ether-ketone (PEEK) products. Used in a wide range of industrial fields, using standard thermoplastic tools and machinery, Heromelt products have a wide combination of extremely favourable properties.
Heromelt grades are available both in standard formulations and filled blends.

Main properties of polymers:
  • » High temperature resistance -200°÷260°C (-392°÷500° F)
  • » High mechanical strength
  • » Extremely tough and resilient
  • » Resistance to a wide range of chemical agents and radiations
  • » Excellent dielectric properties
  • » Extremely low emissions
  • » Excellent dimensional stability

Heromelt FP Peek products are available, on request, with virgin and re-qualified polymer base composition as well as blended with fillers for tailor-made solutions.