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Heroflon Virgin PTFE

Selected and qualified raw materials, treated according to the Heroflon standards, particularly suitable for compression moulding, sintering and RAM extrusion. Virgin products are available in different flowing grades and density ratings. These products have a wide range of applications in the hydraulic, mechanical, automotive, chemical, aerospace, aeronautic, electronic, health and medical, building, moulding, compounding, oil and grease lubrication fields.

Main properties of PTFE:
  • » Thermal stability -200°÷260°C (-392°÷500° F)
  • » Compression and surface compliant properties
  • » Excellent dielectric properties
  • » Non-stick behaviour
  • » Low coefficient of friction
  • » Electrical insulation
  • » Excellent resistance to aggressive
    chemical agents and solvents
  • » Resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays