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HeroCARE Beauty PTFE Micro-Powders

HeroCARE is the special line of 100% Virgin PTFE Micro-Powders developed by Heroflon specifically addressed to the personal care and make-up industry. HeroCARE products are suitable for various cosmetic formulations performing different functions such as binder, lubricant additive and SPF booster.
All HeroCARE products can be custom-made in order to meet every specific application requirements.

Main Benefits:
  • » Improvement of lubrication, flow and homogeneity in the textures
  • » Oil absorption and mattifying action
  • » Increased wear and water resistance
  • » Application experience optimized in different types of textures (lotions, emulsions, powders, etc.)
  • » Boost of SPF in sun treatments and UV protection products
  • » Enhanced lengthening and volumizing effect in mascaras and prevention of clumps
  • » Wrinkle minimizer and filler action in anti-aging treatments