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What is PTFE
PTFEPolytetrafluoroethylene – is a polymer with several special intrinsic properties, making it perfectly suited to an infinite range of industrial and domestic applications.

  • Extreme resistance to temperatures -200°÷260°C (-392°÷500° F)
  • Intrinsically non-flammable
  • Extremely resistant to chemicals and ultraviolet radiation
  • Water-repellent
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Non-stick properties
  • Lowest coefficient of friction than any other known plastic material

polveri di ptfe

Heroflon offers a wide range of standard products. The company’s flexibility allows Heroflon to develop tailor-made products to meet the specific requirements of its customers.
When required, products are prepared to comply with the most common international standards, such as:

  • ROHS
  • WEEE
  • US 3A Sanitary Standard
  • Food Contact Compliancy (EU, FDA, etc.)
  • OSHA
  • USP Class VI