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Herocomp PTFE Compounds

Heroflon supplies over 1,400 types of PTFE compounds, also known as filled PTFE. Specific fillers and reinforcements are added into the virgin PTFE (i.e. Glass Fibers, Bronze powder, Carbon Fibers, Graphite, pigment, ect.) modifying the original properties to fulfil the customer’s specific requirements.

Main properties:
  • » Good thermal stability and resistance
  • » Surface compliant properties
  • » Non-stick behaviour
  • » Low coefficient of friction
  • » Electrical insulation and dielectric properties
  • » Excellent resistance to aggressive
    chemical agents and solvents
  • » Resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays
 Herocomp PTFE Compound

The above fillers are only a few of the ones used by Heroflon for the production of Herocomp PTFE Compounds. Additional special fillers (i.e. anti-bacterial, conductive, ect.) are available upon request for special and specific applications.